We use advanced, proven technology to thoroughly descale old sewer and drain pipes and restore normal flow.


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From one property owner to another, when a drain backs up you want it restored the best and most effective way. We bring the best, up-to-date technology for restoring mainlines, sewers and drains. Because every situation is different, we come prepared with a variety of tools to diagnose and solve the issue.

We service many industrial businesses, as well as homeowners. We’re always happy to answer questions. Contact us for more details.


Pipe Restoration Videos

1 Min Before & After

Descaling cast iron

This is a before and after video of an old cast iron sewer that has been descaled by Robert’s Plumbing & Rooter Services

2 Inch Descale

Descaling 2″ case iron branch line

This video is about Robert’s Plumbing & Rooter Services descaling an old cast iron 2″ branch line.

Bad Flush vs. Good Flush

Difference between flushing down old cast iron vs. descaled cast iron

This video shows the difference between a flush in an old cast iron sewer and a flush in a cast iron sewer that has been descaled by Robert’s Plumbing & Rooter Services.

Relining vs. Epoxy

Client asks about relining vs. epoxy

This video is about one of our clients who was curious about relining his pipes but Robert, from Robert’s Plumbing & Rooter Services, gives some great insight and his professional opinion that he has has accumulated from over 35 years of experience in the plumbing field.

Bad Sewers & Low Flush

Client perspective on bad sewers and low flush toilets

In this video, one of our clients points out the significance of a maintained sewer and the downfall to low flush toilets.

Only Snaking a Back-Up

What happens when a backed-up sewer isn’t properly cleared.

This video is about what happens when you call out a plumber to snake your backed-up sewer and then offers the more advanced services that are performed here at Robert’s Plumbing & Rooter Services.

Paying Attention to Detail

We pay attention to detail at No Roots

This video emphasizes that we pay attention to detail on all of our services here at Robert’s Plumbing & Rooter Services.

Descale Surfside

Descaling for increased flow

Before and after of descaling a sewer for increased flow.

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