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I guarantee if your drain blocks within 12 months of treatment, or 24 months after second treatment if you qualify, I will clear the blockage and camera the drain, to determine the cause of the blockage. If the blockage is caused by live tree roots we will retreat the line. The call out, blockage clearance and the re-treatment will be free of charge. If the blockage is caused by any other type of obstruction such as toilet fresheners, sanitary products, children's toys or flat, collapsed or deformed pipes the normal charges for call out and blockage clearance will apply.​


While many other companies either don't offer warranties for drain cleaning, or only offer limited warranties when tree-root incursion isn't present - we offer a 1 year warranty on all drain cleaning services. If for any reason your line should clog over the next year, we'll come out once to clear it for free.


Meet NoRoots Owner Robert Waddell

Twenty-seven years ago, I started my own plumbing company, growing my business through ads in the Penny Saver, Long Beach Press Telegram, and word of mouth. Beyond this, I haven't advertised for over 15 years. My customers continue to call me back and provide an over abundance of referrals that keep me busy. I am on time, reasonable and will not over-sell the job. I fix what you called me to fix for a price you can afford.

I know if I was a home owner in need of a plumber, and there was an alternative for keeping roots out of my sewer and keeping it running clear WITHOUT having to install a new sewer for a hefty amount, I would want that option. 

I started NoRoots to provide that service and more. With Hydro-Jet Cleaning and Vaporooter, you get the most advanced, proven and effective cleaning methods available and at a fair price. ​We provide Vaporooter to clear out tree roots, with treatments every one to two years depending on the diagnosis. It is both an effective and economical treatment proven with 30 years success. Hydro-Jetting is also a very effective cleaning method. ​​Besides blasting away dirt, debris, roots, and hair residue, it does a wonderful job for lines packed with grease, which is common in the restaurant business.

Why I am specializing in Vaporooter Treatments and Hydro Jetting